A group of people wearing matching dark blue t-shirts with pink text, playfully posing together. The shirts read 'Control Shift Feeling Machines'

What we do

We develop programmes of computational arts that question and celebrate the messy spaces in-between humans, nature and machines. We bring people together to re-imagine our relationships with technology through dialogue and arts.

Our 2022-23 programme Feeling Machines was curated by Coral Manton, Becca Rose, Martha King and Rod Dickinson, with mentoring from Irini Papadimitrou and Jazlyn Pinckney. Control Shift 2020 was curated by Becca Rose, Martha King and Rod Dickinson, and you can visit the archive to find out more about the programme.

In 2019 we produced ‘You Make the Rules’ which was part of Processing Community Day (a global celebration of ‘art, code and diversity’ initiated by the Processing Foundation)

The Control Shift network is a collective of digital artists, educators, producers, and technologists from Bristol (UK) and working internationally. If you are interested in joining the network or finding out more sign up to our newsletter.

Control Shift Community

We have an extended network of partners, funders, supporters and mentors including Knowle West Media Centre, Arnolfini, Watershed, UWE, Bath Spa University, Bristol and Bath Creative R+D, Container Magazine, and Bricks. We want our events to be welcoming and inclusive and we use the Berlin Code of Conduct as our guide.

Funders and Supporters

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