A desk showing an array of old and new mobile phones and phone cases ordered neatly

2023 Feeling Machines

Feeling Machines 2022-2023 was packed full of inspiring activities, talks, films and artworks all exploring the question: ‘How do digital technologies intertwine with the most intimate aspects of our lives?⁣’

Three people from behind, observing an intricate digital art piece on a monitor in a bright, naturally lit room.
Close-up of hands connecting wires to an electronic device on a large sheet of paper with black lines drawn on it.
A child in a yellow raincoat and an adult in a red jacket using metal detectors on a grassy field with houses in the background.

2020 Control Shift

Control Shift 2020 was an ambitious city-wide programme of installations, walks and hybrid workshops. The programme provided different lenses and approaches to explore how we connect digitally.

Screenshot of a video caller talking while sharing their screen with text that reads "this city is too loud for me"
Close up of a wooden ouija board with the alphabet laid out in an arch, numbers 0 to 9, five emojis, and 'goodbye' written at the bottom. The letter 'S' is illuminated red.
A gif of squares showing a mouth and an eye, moving around leaving a glitchy blurry trail behind them
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