Episode 1, Welcome to the Control Shift Podcast!

Exploring how we can transform our relationships with technology. With Control Shift co-directors hosted by special guest Lucy Sollitt.

Together with communities, artists, thinkers and makers, we want to shift who has the power to make and shape our technology. In order to move towards more equitable tech futures, we believe it is necessary to create experiences where tech is radically accessible, rooted in bodies, materials and emotions. Join us in diving deeper into all these topics and more…

In this first episode, we kick off the series with a conversation between curator, writer and researcher Lucy Sollitt and the Control Shift Co-directors: Becca Rose (artist, maker, and educator working at the intersection of craft practice, socially engaged arts, and creative technologies), Martha King (arts producer and facilitator working in the realm of arts and tech and community) and Coral Manton (senior lecturer in creative computing, artist-technologist, and researcher).

We’ll be discussing what we do and why, as well as reflecting on past programmes. These include our 2020 festival exploring the intimate relationships we had with technologies during lockdown, plus our 2023 ‘Feeling Machines’ programme which further explored how digital technologies intertwine with the most intimate aspects of our lives.

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Read the full transcript here.

Links to resources mentioned in the podcast:

03:39 – We started with this organisation called Processing 
06:03 – Martha refers to a past workshop, MAIU ID by MELT
06:27 – Martha refers to a past workshop, Rare Earth Walks by Max Dovey
08:40 – Coral co-founded Women Reclaiming AI 
08:54 – Coral refers to her project Looking for the Cloud
10:29 – Martha also works for arts and digital organisation Knowle West Media Centre
14:09 – Coral refers to a past event, Algorave 
14:39 – Coral mentions the Algorave Manifesto 
16:02 – Coral refers to a past installation, Air Giants 
17:30 – Becca refers again to a past workshop, MAIU ID by MELT
17:41 – Becca refers to past workshop Art, Code and a Bowl of Fruit
17:55 – Becca refers to past workshop, Oracle Bots by DANAE and Annika Kappner
18:20 – Martha refers to past workshop, Deep Listening by Kathy Hinde
20:37 – Becca refers to a book Teaching to Transgress by Bell Hooks Free PDF here
24:50 – Coral mentions a Large Language Model

Thanks to our funders Innovate UK for making this podcast possible, and to podcast editor Keziah Wenham-Kenyon.

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